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A mobile-first approach to RWD means that there's optimal viewing experience from the smallest screens
RWD relies on trusted methods and aims to provide the best user experience at each devices' capabilities.

CSS Frameworks

Cascading Stylesheet Frameworks have developed alongside RWD and there are now many to choose from. Some are simple and straightforward with just a basic grid and simple styling. Others are robust frameworks including many features, such as responsive navigation, carousells, buttons, modals etc. Many of the more complex frameworks also utilise Javascript.

You may have heard of the most popular CSS Framework: Bootstrap; but there are many others, including: Bulma, Pure, Kube, Materialize and Vuetify. Each offering their own unique and inventive take on responsive design.

CSS Grids

It would be a fairly safe bet to state that over 99% of websites use a grid of some description. Even if that grid is just a main content area and a sidebar, floated next to each other. But generally, most websites use grids that are far more complicated than this to organise their layout – The Grid itself is at the heart of every CSS Framework.

I work with numerous frameworks and hence numerous different grids. Since I like to keep things as simple as possible (when possible) I also like to design my own grids, which can then be custom-made for a particular website's individual needs. I have written a number of articles about CSS Grid Systems. If you are interested, take a look at: A Simple CSS Grid.



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Doodle inc.

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CEO, Pixate

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